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Instant Messaging, Social Network, Intranet Portal

Akeni is a company that specializes in instant messaging, social network, and intranet portal products and services. Our products are feature rich yet easy to use. We have versions available for Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT/98 and popular Linux distros.

Please take a look at this comparison chart for a quick overview of the features available in our products.

We also offer hosted solutions for IM and Web based Live Help.

Live Help 123
is a hosted service that allows visitors to your web site to communicate with sales people and customer support staff. The visitors only need a web browser, without the need to install Java, Flash, or Active-X controls. We offer both free and corporate versions of this service.
Akeni Expert Messenger
is a secure messaging system that supports authentification and encryption. It also offers enterprise manageability through the use of shared public groups and role based user access rights. All messages can be logged into flat files and databases to allow for searching and auditing.
Akeni LAN Messenger
is an IM system designed for your LAN. It is easy to setup and does not require a dedicated server or Internet connection. The rich client support chat, notification, conferencing, and file transfer. For those who also need authentification and encryption, please look at our Akeni Pro and Expert product
Akeni Pro Messenger
is an instant messaging server solution that comes with enterprise messaging features such as server side audit log, encryption and authentication. It allows companies to host their own secure messaging system for both internal and external users, which results in increased productivity and security
Akeni Web Chat
is an IM system designed for universal accessibility and ease of deployment. With it's browser based client there is no need to install any client side software. It is also firewall friendly and can be used whenever you have access to a web browser.
Akeni Jabber Client
is an instant messaging client for Jabber. Jabber is an open and flexible instant messaging platform that is gaining industry wide support. There is a number of open source and commercial servers to choose from.