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Please take a look at this comparison chart for a summary of the features available in our products.

Live Help 123

Live Help 123 is a hosted service that allows visitors to your web site to communicate with sales people and customer support staff using a browser. This new way of communication is superior to both email and phone in many ways. You will see an increase in both sales and customer satisfaction by using this service. We offer both free and business versions of this service.

Akeni Expert Messenger

The Expert Edition is a secure messaging system that supports authentification and encryption. It also offers enterprise manageability through the use of shared public groups and role based user access rights. All messages can be logged into flat files and databases to allow for searching and auditing.

Akeni LAN Messenger

Akeni LAN Messenger is a versatile IM system for you LAN. It offers chat, notification, conferencing and file transfer with an easy to use client. This is the ideal solution for IT personnel and support staff who needs a way to communicate and send files to one another easily inside the LAN.

Akeni Pro Messenger

Ideally suited for businesses that need to host their own messaging system. The Pro edition offers enterprise instant messaging features such as server side message log, encryption, and authentification. It also have advanced administration tools for managing user accounts remotely.

Akeni Web Chat

Akeni Web Chat is an IM system designed for universal accessibility and ease of deployment. With it's browser based client there is no need to install any client side software. It is also firewall friendly and can be used whenever you have access to a web browser.

Akeni Jabber Client

If your company is running a Jabber server then Akeni Jabber Client is the ideal client for your users. With over 100,000 Jabber servers deployed worldwide, many businesses are taking advantage of this open and scalable instant messaging solution.


All the software are cross-platform, so it is possible to connect Windows versions of the software to the Linux versions. If you have special requirements or need extra features, please look into our product customization service.